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Destination Wedding Bridesmaid Dress Trends

We have a similar philosophy for bridesmaids dresses that we do for weddings, which is to find a way to make it your own! We often find some of our favorite destination wedding bridesmaid dresses aren’t necessarily sold as a “bridesmaid dress.” Our couples are deeply invested in the experience their friends and family will have at the wedding and are so caring about the details that will impact all of them but especially their bridal party. We know our couples want to ensure their bridal party truly enjoys all aspects of participating in the wedding festivities and allowing them flexibility in their attire is a great way to do just that and help everyone look and feel their best on the big day. Read on for some of our favorite destination wedding bridesmaid dress trends!


We’re loving the ruffle bridesmaid dress trend! Perfect for your Hawaii wedding bridesmaid dresses, ruffles make for a lighthearted yet elegant detail for an ocean side soiree. For the mix and match trend, we're envisioning the perfect romantic inspired ambiance by pairing your ruffles with floral prints, lace and subtle hues like sage, nude and blush.

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Midi Length

After years of maxi length dresses, more recently we’re seeing midi length bridesmaid dresses at so many of our celebrations and we are thrilled! Midi length dresses eliminate any tripping hazard while keeping the attire feeling more formal than a mini or knee length dress. As we’ve seen a resurgence of all things 90’s, some of our favorite midi style dresses are satin and cowl neck designs.

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White Dresses

Looking for something formal, clean, and crisp for your bridal party? The white bridesmaid dress trend is here to stay and we’re thrilled! If you’re hosting a formal or black-tie affair, an all-white bridal party will add to the sophistication and classic design. Alternatively, for a more laid-back cocktail style event, consider pairing your Hawaii wedding white bridesmaid dresses with vibrant tropical florals and hues. When opting for this bridesmaid dress trend, just be sure your dress style stands out from the crowd!

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Floral Print

As we wrap up spring and head for summer wedding season, we’re all about floral print bridesmaid dresses! Luckily for our Hawaii brides it feels like summer year-round and floral prints work for any wedding date on the islands. For a whimsical garden party ambiance, try mixing and matching a variety of floral print bridesmaid dresses, we just suggest keeping them within the same color family to allow for some cohesion.

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Especially popular with tropical destination weddings, bold bridesmaid dresses are always a win in our book! We love seeing bridal parties in bold yellow, coral and orange sunset hues. Vibrant blues and greens emulating the ocean shades are also a perfect option for your Hawaii wedding bridesmaid dresses.

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Some of our favorite Hawaii wedding bridesmaid dress sources are listed below. If you’re a current client, contact your planner to learn how we can help curate your wedding party attire. If you’re interested in learning more about our services, including bridesmaid dress sourcing, contact us today. Happy shopping!

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