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5 reasons why
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We protect your investment.

A wedding is an investment in a once in a lifetime experience and a wedding planner plays a crucial role in protecting your investment. For many couples, a wedding is one of the biggest investments they'll make in their lives. We'll ensure no detail is left unturned, back up weather plans are secured, contracts are meticulously reviewed and your timeline is discussed with your vendor team to ensure seamless execution on the wedding day. We provide the necessary liability insurance required by most venues for your event and will advise you on the best ways to allocate your wedding budget.



We save you time.

Couples that don't work with a planner will spend hundreds of hours on planning a wedding. Tackling the wedding planning on your own can feel like a full or part time job depending on your wedding scale, details and venue. We're here to help eliminate the countless hours of research, spreadsheet organization and venue tours. Our expertise provides us with the tools and knowledge to streamline the planning process. We'll present you with vendors that align with your style and budget, provide you with an online planning platform to organize all the details and share local knowledge to enhance your guest experience and eliminate unnecessary stress for you and your partner.

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we provide expert guidance.

We specialize in destination weddings, meaning we're experts in the local area and have developed the best guest communication process to ensure your nearest and dearest have all the information they need to join you on your best day ever, even if it's thousands of miles away. We think of things that probably never even cross your mind and handle any wedding day hiccups without you ever even knowing. We provide you with bite size pieces throughout the planning process and provide insider knowledge to ensure you're making the best decisions for a stress free wedding week!



we create an authentic wedding experience.

We don't take a cookie cutter approach to the wedding planning process. While we have tried and true methods, we customize the planning process to meet the needs of each of our couples. We don't want the wedding day to feel like any other wedding you or your guests have experienced. We want to create a unique wedding week experience that highlights your journey as a couple and speaks to who the two of you are. We'll find a way to make your wedding day feel effortless, genuine and filled with unforgettable memories.



we minimize stress & maximize joy.

Our full service planning & design process alleviates unnecessary stress, confusion and the overwhelming research process. We're here to maximize your joy not only on the wedding day but throughout the engagement period. Our unlimited support means we're here to put your mind at ease and determine the best way to guide you and your partner through the wedding planning process. With our customized approach, we'll carefully craft a vendor team of professionals that you connect with and are excited to be surrounded by on the wedding day. Your wedding day timeline will center around your priorities and allow for treasured moments to naturally unfold. 

learn more about our planning process.

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